Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two months in

Joninah is a big, healthy, strong, gorgeous, baby girl - what more can I say?! I won't apologize for my vain, prideful, mother-biased crowing. She is the full, round, happy, dark-haired, dark-eyed, gap-toothed baby I dreamed of when she was just a group of primordial cells settling in to her first home. Dreams do come true sometimes I guess.

We call Joninah "Coconut". At first it was "Peanut" - not too original, but descriptively accurate. And then my milk came in. I swear we woke up to a different baby every morning. It seemed we were literally watching her grow before our eyes (and I do know the difference "literally" and "figuratively"). One morning, while marveling at our breastmilk-metamorphosed baby, my husband commented "you know honey she really isn't a peanut. She's more like a walnut." We tried "Walnut" out for a few days - but it just doesn't sound very warm and cuddly. So then Grace suggested Coconut. Well of course she is just like a sweet, round, fuzzy little coconut. And so she is.

And now she is asking for me - and I'll never post anything if I don't post in small chunks - so that's all for now.

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