Sunday, April 11, 2010

Other People's Blogs

I haven't been around much.  Well actually I have been, but I've been lurking on my own blog and reading and commenting on eveyone elses.

Reading other blogs gives me lots of ideas for things I would like to explore here, but I really struggle to find the time to put together a coherant exploration of a thought of more than a paragraph.  Babies are a lot of work, and as I say at least once a day in exasperation - I can't have a thought of my own.

But commenting on other people's blogs - well that should only take a few sentences.  That I can manage with one hand while I nurse the girl. And so that is what I've been doing.  It keeps me thinking and writing, but it does have limitations.  But I can't go there now......

......why the heck doesn't this thing have a spell check?

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